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deaths occur annually due to outdoor air pollution


of the world population, in 2012, was living in
places where the WHO air quality guidelines levels
where not met


deaths per year related to outdoor air pollution can be prevented
if WHO air quality guidelines are met

Bosch Climo

Climo by Bosch is a smart air monitoring solution designed and developed to evaluate, visualise and act upon the outdoor air quality enabled with real-time tracking of ambient air pollutants. It is technologically advanced and easy to deploy solution which uses best-in-class wireless sensors to connect over Wi-Fi, GSM and EDGE networks enabling micro-climatic data collection. Powered by state-of-the-art IoT technology, Climo is designed with cloud-based analytics, data management and visualisation software which facilitates energy-efficiency, scalability and sustainability for real-world applications.

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Climo is future ready

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True plug-n-play sensors with HID (Human Interface Device)

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High resolution of points of sources for better optimisation

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Remote monitoring enabled with both wired and wireless interface

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400 MHz Intel Quark processor enabled with multi-layer security

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Simplified calibration with over-the-air (OTA) updates

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Compactly built device designed to withstand rugged weather conditions

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The Climo Advantage


Cutting-edge data collection techniques guarantee accuracy on real-time data


Forecasts regional trend patterns on air pollution, temperature, etcetera


Provides notifications and alerts on local ambient air quality across device platforms such as tablets, computers and smart phones


Prevents hardware and software threats to connected devices through its end-to-end security feature


Measures 1/100th in size of any traditional air quality monitoring system

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View how Climo is improving the air quality, and helping shape a better future

Key Air Pollutants

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Air Quality Index (PPM)

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Climo on Social Media

Climo Promise

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Data connectivity and management over the cloud

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Scalability to diverse real-world application

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Bosch’s unswerving commitment to quality and performance

Ambient Air Pollutant Ratio

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System Specification

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GSM (3G), Wi-Fi (2.4GHz and 7 GHz), Ethernet

Software Functionality

Configurable Sampling Periods

Over the air update

Diagnostic and alerts

Remote data backup

Standard UI available for desktop

Tablet and mobile devices

Physical Construct

Dimension L 30cm x W 2cm x H 1cm

Weight 7 Kgs

High durability, shock and ingress protected
fibre reinforced polymer enclosure

Power with 110V/220V AC or 12V DC

Ideal Operating Range 20o C to 70 C 17 to 8 RH

External Accessories

Also available with mounting brackets, Sun Shield and splash guard

Compatible with external battery
(12V / 40Ah / 37W)

Factory Floor Health

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Measurements on air quality, sound and noise, lighting, humidity and temperature

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Real-time sense and view of multiple critical parameters

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Alerts on threshold breach improves safety compliance (Factories Act, HSE, OSHA)

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Integration possibility with existing ERP systems

Air Quality Monitoring

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Real time alerts and recommendations on ideal indoor/outdoor fitness conditions

Ensuring Worker safety and environment
monitoring at construction site

Workers' safety at construction site

Dust Emissions Monitoring to aid PM10 and PM2.5 compliance tracking

Check on concentration of highly toxic and contaminating gases including NO2, CO and SO2

Air Quality monitoring to ensure a healthy work environment for construction workers

Construction Environment Monitoring

Microclimate monitoring across different construction sites

Microclimatic data facilitate problem-child identification

Smart Cities


Evaluation and prediction of current and future trends on ambient air pollution levels

Increase in public awareness on environmental conditions

Traffic Management

Efficient urban transportation planning with specific focus to traffic routing and control

Urban Ambient Air Quality monitoring alerts motorists and traffic authorities


Integration with real-time safety and compliance tracking system

Application in industrial early warning systems